Monday, April 27, 2009

IHSA Varsity Baseball: Lake Villa at Round Lake

Travis Vanderwall, first baseman of the lakes waits for the pitch to first to get out Nicoline, from Round Lake.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Nicoline of Round Lake, firing in pitches, though he had great effort, his team just couldn't get it together.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Round Lake's Hauclak attempts to get Lake Villa's Andrew Tubek out at second, while Ortiz covers his teammate for any mistakes.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Tim Ryan of Lake Villa pitches to Dominic Costa, Hauclak of Round Lake bats.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Round Lake's Hauclak throws the ball to first baseman Rana, but fails to get out Wills Massie of Lake Villa.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Eric Lopez of Lake Villa leads off first a bit too far, Round Lake attempts to get him out, Rana is there but just a little too slow.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Round Lake regroups and gathers a new strategy that will hopefully get their team back into the game.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Friday, April 24, 2009

IHSA Varsity Girls Track Meet at Antioch High School.

Erin Schoenfelder Senior from Antioch, in the lead takes first for the first heat of the 100 meter high hurdles.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media) 

Shanna Hertz, star jumper from the Lake Villa Lakes, concentrates before she successfully clears the High Jump.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Shanna Hertz, star jumper from the Lake Villa Lakes, concentrates before she successfully clears the High Jump.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Nia Adams, age 18, Senior from Waukegan, slips through a close race and takes first in the 100 meter semi-finals.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Nia Adams, age 18, Senior from Waukegan, slips through a close race and takes first in the 100 meter semi-finals.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Taelor Lanier, Senior from Waukegan, in the green, meditates intensely and focusing on what she must do just before the start of the 100 meter semi-finals, which she takes first in and will qualify for the finals.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Flying for Kids" in the 5th Annual Statewide Kite Fly, at the Lindenhurst Earth Day Arbor Celebration.

Angie Bush, superintendent of recreation for the Lindenhurst Park Distract with Courtney Shea of Gurnee , handing a kite to Riley Street, age 10.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Riley Street, age 10,  with his brother Gavin, age 12, putting together their new kites.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

 Gavin Street, age 12, assembling his kite that hopefully will take flight with no problems.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Even with a decent wind, there seemed to be many problems just getting the kites into flight, though some managed to be successful.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Alyssa Stieber, age 4, from Lindenhurst, builds her kite as she watches her father help her brother attempt to fly his kite.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Kael Moran, 9, of Lindenhurst sprints off hoping to catch a wind break that will elevate his kite into flight, here at Slove Park.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Isabella Mateja, age 7 of Lindenhurst runs off while her father, Rick holds her kite in order to help her chances of taking flight.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

John Stieber helps his son, Christian, age 6 of Lindenhurst successfully fly his kite.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Makayla Bristol, age 7, flies her kite all on her own with little to no help.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Calvary Harvest Pastor Robert Abbott Illustrating his Easter Sunday Service about how Jesus drove out all fear, by making his first Parachute Jump

Ken Kniech, age 40 of Milwaukee, also known as Kermit, helps Pastor Abbott put on his gear while he instructs him on all the necessary safety procedures.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)  

Pastor Abbott says his goodbyes to his grandchildren before he boards the plane, holding Sally Abbott, age 1, while her sister Sidney watches, age 6, and their mother Jodi, age 33 of Beach Park.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Another jumper high fives Pastor Abbott as he walks out to the plane, respecting him as an equal for he's about to endure on a quest that will change his life and way of thinking forever.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Pastor Abbott connected to Ken Kliech of MIlwaukee, which is known as tandem skydiving, just in case his first jump goes wrong, a professional is there to fix any problem.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Just after landing, Pastor Abbott shows his exclaim of adrenaline, "There is no way I can explain how it feels" - says Pastor Abbott, must be a rush.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Pastor Abbott walks back into reality with his friend Al Booth of Waukegan, showing great signs of life and well being.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

 Some of Pastor Abbott's grandchildren welcome his return with bliss cheerfulness, hugging him is Sam Abbott, age 7 and his sister Sidney, age 6 from Beach Park, looking over at them is Pastor's friend Al Booth from Waukegan.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)  

Pastor Abbott showing a new form of being in his facial expression, a new energy of life has formed in him that has changed him forever, along with his good friend Al Booth of Waukegan.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

IHSA Prep Varsity Softball: McHenry at Waukegan with New Field Dedication Ceremony

Stephanie Rieuwpassa, warming up to pitch, she is a Sophomore in High School.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Waukegan's team lines up for the ceremony of their new field.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Stephanie Rieuwpassa, representing the Waukegan Bulldogs, concentrates on pitching, against the Warriors.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Stephanie Rieuwpassa, fouls a ball here, batting for the Bulldogs.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Cristina Cordova, gets ready to bat, she plays first base and is a Junior in High School.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Kathleen O'Connor, gets a base hit, Kathleen plays short stop and out field, she is a Junior in High School.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Waukegan cheers each other on with a group shout to prepare to beat the Warriors.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)