Saturday, August 29, 2009

Championship Game of North Shore Boys Soccer Shootout at Lake Forest High School.

Deerfield's Robbie Patterson defends off Lake Forest's Connor O"Connel-Keleghan.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Deerfield sets up a wall to block Lake Forest's shot, David Panter, number 18, takes one for the team and successfully blocks the kick.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Deerfield's forward Zach Pearlstein tries best his moves but is unsuccessful at getting around Lake Forest's Defender, Ian Forlow.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Deerfield's Forward, Joey Calistri takes a shot on Lake Forest's Goal Keeper, Kurtis Teskoski, and scores the second goal for Deerfield.  The first goal was an own goal by a Lake Forest Defender.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media) 

Lake Forest's Nick Grube attempts to get around Deerfield's Joey Calastri, but is unsuccessful and the ball is kicked out of bounce.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Deerfield's Joey Calistri shoots at lake Forests Wall;  Alex Wettermann, Clayton Pristou, and Harry Shipp, the wall blocks the shot so goal keeper, Kurtis Teskoski has another scare but not another goal scored on him.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wadsfest at The Shanty

Elana Brinkman, 11, of Kenosha looks at her competitors during the children's pie eating contest, she ended up winning by nearly eating her entire pie.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

The whistle is blown to end the children's pie eating contest, Lucas Kenar, 8, of Wadsworth gazes at Elana Brinkman, 11, of Kenosha's pie while Steven Bosko, 8, of Wadsworth sneaks a few more bites.  Elana took first, Lucas second, and Steven third.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Huge crowds gathered around the adult pie eating contest which was won by Joel Mishork, 22, of Milwaukee.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Alex Mishork, 15, (red Shirt) looks at how much his brother, Joel Mishork, 22, has eaten, while their friend Valerie Rapp, 15, of Gurnee licks piece of pie off her face, Joel would end up winning.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

August Wells, 8, of Wadsworth, gives his mightiest pull, but it wasn't enough, his team ended up loosing in the second round of the children's tug-a-war tournament.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

The pink team:  Abbie Bosko, 7, of Wadsworth, Ashleigh May, 11, of Wadsworth, Kayla Zalenz, 12, of Wadsworth, and Grace Burba, 13, of Beach Park, pulled their greatest pull and won, took second overall in the children's tug-a-war tournament.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Erin Wells, 8, of Wadsworth, tries to lead her team to victory in the children's tug-a-war contest but wasn't quite sufficient, placed third overall.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Mr. Fun Time Show himself, making a balloon pirate sword for Lucas Kenar, 8, of Wadsworth.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Carina Monroe, 7, of Wadsworth enjoys her ride on a pony to the fullest, Natalie Tyran, 12, of Wadsworth pulls the pony incase of any danger that might occur.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grayslake Central High School Varsity Football Coach

Coach Nick Goshe advises his top varsity players on some pointers during a scrimmage.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)