Sunday, October 17, 2010

Illinois Youth Football: Wauconda at Waukegan

Raymond Sodoski, age 13 of Wauconda, gains some yardage in the heated match.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

The Chief's Quarterback Melvin Bobo makes a perfect throw to Marcese Gonzalez who runs the ball in for a touchdown, Gonzalez ran in 3 touchdowns overall.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Marcese Gonzalez of the Waukegan Chiefs runs in another touchdown, scoring three touchdowns during the game.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Jack Weller, age 13 of Wauconda runs the ball back gaining good yardage but suffered an injury during this runs tackle and had to sit out for the rest of the game.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Terry Lavarol, age 13 of Waukegan runs one in scoring the final touchdown for the Chiefs.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Chief's kicker, Eddie Jackson kicks in another scoring two extra points, Eddie scored 6 points overall with kicks for Waukegan.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

Matthew Jaworski, age 13 of Wauconda attemps a run through the storm of madness, gaining some good yardage, though his team was unable to score.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

One thing that happened too much to Wauconda's quarterback, Alex Payne, was sacks, great for Waukegan though.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

The Chief's Kyree McClain makes a great run in and out of Wauconda's Bulldogs but was unfornately illegally tackled by the opposing team grabbing his face mask.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

The Chiefs celebrate a victory to their fans after shaking hands with the opposing team, the crowd roars with cheers and noise makers.  (Mark Ukena/Sun-Times Media)

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